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The Feel Relief Program will help you recognise and manage your emotions and learn how to cope with negative thoughts during the lockdown. Submit your information to get access to the program and we will contact you when it becomes available. No payment required at this stage.

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What is Feel Relief

A four-week, fully remote mental health support program. It is designed to help everyone manage excessive worry during the COVID-19 pandemic about their health, their new way of living or their financial future and turn anxiety into a balanced emotional state with positive thinking patterns.

Access to the program costs $37.5/week with the option to cancel weekly.

Personalized guidance

Real-time feedback and insights when you need it most.

Licensed therapists

Your designated therapist will coach you through challenges and help you manage stress effectively.

Resilience techniques

Learn coping techniques and develop long-term habits to build emotional resilience.

How Feel Relief Works

Feel Relief is a program designed to improve your emotional health in a lasting and meaningful way. The 4-week program consists of the following

Feel App

A mobile app where users can journal their emotions to recognize patterns and triggers of thoughts, emotions, and behavior. It is based on CBT, a form of psychotherapy that helps people manage their problems by changing the way they think and behave.

Feel Trained Coaches

Remote sessions with a trained coach will be personalised based on the data the coach receives through the app. The sessions themselves will take place via the Feel App once a week, last 15 minutes, and the coach will demonstrate useful techniques to address stress and negative feelings.

Mental Health Resource Center

Tutorials, exercises, tips, advice and reading material which focus on the challenges faced during the outbreak and use evidence-based techniques such as CBT, Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology will help participants develop mental health coping skills.

Why Feel Relief

Learn New Skills

Develop self management techniques to address feelings and handle excessive worry during the period of COVID-19 crisis.

Online Sessions & Material

Speak weekly to a trained coach online & get lifetime access to mental health resources from the safety of your home.

Increase Motivation

Increase the morale and productivity within your organisation and team members

If you are a business looking to provide assistance for your employees to navigate through the pandemic whilst maintaining morale and productivity or if you are an individual and you want to improve your emotional state please submit your information through the form.